….Sweet baby  its been BIG!!!

The end of the year is always the time to reflect, check in and be grateful. As I look back at 2014, I am amazed at how much I was able to squeeze into a year. I bet if you took a moment to look back at your year, you would be too.

The first of January 2014 started off with a bang, I watched the sunrise in Brunswick, our family home I’d lived in for 15 years, with good friends, drinking champagne, excited about what the year will bring. There were laughs, tears and plenty of dancing. As the year started I knew it was going to be an interesting one. After the sad break up of my mother’s engagement, the family home was full again. Mum, sister, my partner, me and our two dogs.

At the time it seemed like the worst thing that could possibly happen. I even started applying for jobs and went to job interviews! Thankfully my supportive partner told me to STOP and everything was going to all right (bless that man). Like a rock in a pond, the ripples would travel far.  We started to look for rentals, question our life and really started to look beyond the immediate problem.

10314713_345929082222267_7105784940216072823_nSix months later we found ourselves in Adelaide, which has been the most amazing, life changing and wonderful journey. Packing, searching, meeting new people and actually honouring the things that make us happy has been such a challenge, but so rewarding.

This year, I’ve completed the NEIS course, become a level 2 practitioner in Emotion Freedom Tapping, completed my diploma in workplace & business coaching, ran two workshops, trained two sales teams on STRONGMAN, was published in Elephant Journey, Sydney Morning Herald and The Northsider, coached over 30 people and helped them achieve their goals, packed up our life, moved interstate, set up a new house, consulted on a massive client loyalty project, travelled to Adelaide, Bali, Tassie and Sydney and to be honest people, I am spent.


My clients, too, have had an amazing year and watching their growth and development makes this all worthwhile. Here are some of their achievements.10477384_349591608522681_598934692864064295_n

  • A client changed his job and is now working in a better environment living a more balanced life
  • A client was made redundant and turned that opportunity into starting her own legal practice
  • A client got accepted to complete her MBA
  • A client left a suffocating environment to work for a company focused on creating a great culture and she is a part of building that
  • A client worked on finding the best child care for her baby so she can go back to work for 2 days a week and build her Chinese Medicine practice
  • A client wanted to transition into a totally new career and reached out to people, networked, researched and is on her way to making that change in 2015, started a 3 month course, changed her CV and has her exit strategy planned out
  • A client has had her own business for 8 years but never really believed in it and always had a part time job. She has made the commitment to her business growth and lifestyle for 2015
  • A client is dancing more and feeling more confident she quit her job and is working for herself
  • A client worked on transitioning from her career to being a mother and is now working out how to wear her different hats

I am so proud of all my clients and as I reflect, I am wiping away a tear. Thank you for your support in 2014. It’s been a year full of challenges, achievements and successes.

Before the year ends, spend some time with you. The amazing YOU that has achieved so much this year… grab a piece of paper and answer the following questions.

1>           What have been three of your biggest lessons for 2014?

2>           Reflect back on your biggest personal challenge and how did it change you?

3>           Write a list of all your accomplishments, big or small!

4>           What would have you done differently? Why?

5>           List all the fun things you did this year!

6>           What has been your biggest personal growth? How am I different from last year?

7>           What did you do right? What was your biggest contribution?

8>           What was the nicest thing you did for someone and something nice someone did for you?

9>           What baggage have you let go of in 2014?

10>         How are you going to celebrate the great year?

Have fun with this exercise and make sure you do it just for you. The theme for 2014 for myself and for my clients is “PLATFORM.”A platform to leverage off in 2015 and move forward on all the things you want to do.

On a final note for 2014, be sure to switch off over the Christmas break, spend time with loved ones and don’t get stressed out (check out my blog “Enjoying Christmas Again”). Be safe, relax and smile every day.

Merry Christmas, beautiful people, and welcome 2015 in style. Thanks for all the support this year and helping Rise Up Coaching through all the ups and downs! And as Frank would say ” Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”