Why is Client loyalty important?

I started my sales career at the very impressionable age of 23, and it was the first time I had heard the terms “hunter” and “farmer”. Deep down I always knew I was a farmer, I loved nurturing, caring and making sure our clients had the best experience. This meant my career started to […]

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Presenting – Feel the fear and do it anyway

They say that public speaking and presenting is the one thing that most people are deathly afraid of, including me. However, I’m very aware that public speaking is really important for us to get our message across to a large group of people as well as growing our businesses and career.
Earlier this year I […]

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Let’s celebrates mothers….

All the strong determined mothers who impact our lives every single day.

I was so blessed to be raised by an inspirational woman who taught me so many things.

This blog is a tribute to her, and all mothers out there, the unsung heroes that they are.

I am yet to become a mother, but it’s something […]

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Pioneering Your Perfect Poison Ubud Retreat 2016

I have just returned from a magical retreat to Bali called “Pioneering Your Perfect Poison”. Attending my first ever retreat, I went with some doubts, anxiety and hesitation. What if I couldn’t do the yoga? What if I wasn’t spiritual enough and didn’t fit in? What if I got really sick and missed out? (if […]

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Release Your Dreams 2016 – Vision Board Event

On the 21st of Sunday in 2016 we had 15 amazing individuals all come together to spend an afternoon connecting and focusing on their highest dreams for 2016 by creating a vision board.

We gathered at the amazing new health clinic in Liliydale, called JING. Co directors Dr Natasja Fox and Dr Thomas Connor are […]

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Do you need a mentor in your life?

On the first of February, I flew Virgin Airlines to Melbourne and Sydney. I love flying in the first week of the month, you get a brand new airline magazine (Velocity), which hasn’t had hundreds of people reading it before you. This month there was a great article by Deborah Hutton about having a […]

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New Year’s Resolutions Are Out, New Year’s Goals Are In…

Like most people you’ve probably had ‘the’ resolutions conversation as the new year kicked in and said something typical for example, quit smoking, drink less, lose weight, join the gym and pay off debts. The new year is definitely a good time to set positive intentions for the year ahead but the problem with […]

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Keep moving in 2016

It’s the final countdown to the end of 2015 and looking back through the year I’ve worked with clients experiencing many of life’s challenges and I have also gone through my own personal hardships. But regardless what you have dealt with this year, the highs and lows, the challenges and obstacles, the opportunities and […]

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Word Hard, Play Hard, Rest Hard

Fresh from University I joined a software company, it was an intense selling environment, here I was introduced to the term ‘work hard, play hard.’ Work hard meant making the most of every working minute. I was either on the phone to a prospective client or out on site. Being a second late to […]

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Be a shining STAR in interviews

In a previous life, as the manger of a graduate program, I was always interviewing, coaching, mentoring and helping young ambitious graduates settle into the first few years of their corporate life.

Having successfully hired over 25 graduates during my time and conducted easily over 100 interviews, I know within the first 5 minutes whether someone […]

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