21st of Feb 2016 – Release Your Dreams

As we kick off into 2016, it’s time to forget about resolutions and actually do something that will help you achieve your goals and visions for the new year.

Join me for this beautiful event incorporating yoga, meditation, wheel of life and then a chance for you to get lost in creating your own vision […]

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12th of February 2016 – The Sass Summit

THE SASS SUMMIT – ADELAIDE 12th of February 2016
I am so excited to be joining many amazing speakers for the Sass Summit in Adelaide on the 12th of February 2016. The new Sass Summit will be a day to showcase and Inspire South Australian Female Changemakers.

Prepare to be inspired by women who are right here on […]

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24th of October 2015 – You Go Girl Business Success Series

Imagine what you could achieve spending a whole day with your own business coach, lawyer, accountant, IT expert and digital marketer.
This one day event is designed to give you just that, five subject experts providing advice and working on your biggest business challenges. Everything you need to get started or really get going in your […]

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Release your Dreams – 22nd of June 2014

If you’re feeling stuck, lost, confused or unmotivated, then the Release Your Dreams workshop is the best way for you to spend your Sunday which will motivate you into an inspiring week ahead.

Most of us are too busy to STOP, focus and get creative to understand and then realise and release our dreams.

This ticket […]

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The Color Run – Melbourne – Sunday 2nd of March 2014

Back in November I created a Rise Up Coaching team for the 2013 Color Run. 
Two months before the run, I ruptured all the ligaments in my ankle. This of course meant i was unable to run. 

I was so excited to see that they have scheduled another run for March. So once again I’ve created […]

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Sales Training Workshop – 18th of January 2014

STRONGMAN sales training for STRONG WOMEN
STRONGMAN is an  internationally recognised and highly successful sales training methodology.

If sales is a critical part of your job or business then join a small and intimate group of women to learn about this proven sales technique.

You will learn vital tools of the sales process such as identifying gaps […]

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The Color Run – Melbourne – 24th November 2013


24th of November 2012

Join the Rise Up Coaching Team for a 5km fun run and be sprayed with the colors of the rainbow, while raising money for Vision Australia.

There is no better way to get fit, ready for summer and have some fun with some girlies.

https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=4664501&pse=4664801&tid=15697402&tname=Rise Up Coaching

Contact me for some more information or […]

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