When you think about your business, what is your biggest asset? If you said your CLIENT’s you are right, if you said your PEOPLE you are right. 

“Happy people = Happy clients”

Having worked with businesses for over 8 years in creating Client Loyalty Programs and Client Centricity Cultures, improving customer service and ensuring advocacy is at the heart of what Rise Up Coaching can do for your business.

In the past, terms like client centricity, transformation, experience were buzz words we often heard but never actually knew what they meant, how we can measure it and more importantly how to become CLIENT CENTRIC.

Regardless of your industry, company size, product or service, we know focusing on your clients is one of the keys to success.

Organisation are in the middle of great change as client centricity is changing the way we do business and is reshaping the landscape of the business world. It is no longer a buzz word, but a tangible, measurable, functional and becoming a part of business strategies from the top down

So, What is client centricity?

It is not a new concept; however, before the financial crisis it was mostly a vague one, company’s now know in the volatile, competitive and ever changing business environment, becoming client centric is what is going to keep you growing, profitable and competitive. Companies are moving away from product, people and process strategies to ones that are now focused on what their clients want.

This is ensuring trust, loyalty and relevance. Its about listening to your customers, focusing products around what they want to buy, gathering feedback, making it easy for people to do business with you and will share that experience with friends, family, business colleagues and partners.


Natalie Khoury is a net promoter certified associate and can roll out successful client loyalty programs in your business. Increase your revenue, secure your customers, resolve their issues and continue to grow you business through change.