What’s ‘Holistic Coaching’?

At Rise Up I take a holistic approach to coaching. This means our sessions will address all aspects of your life and well-being. Your career or business makes up a large part of your life but to ensure you enjoy a happy, fulfilling and balanced life we also look at the following:

  • your personal growth
  • your finances
  • your relationships
  • family and friends
  • your physical health
  • your environment
  • your emotional health
  • beliefs or spirituality
  • and time for fun

Every coaching session is focused on you and exactly what you need to work on today. As a result our sessions will offer you clarity, guidance and support to achieve what’s really important to you.

What you’ll get out of it

My coaching sessions have facilitated powerful transitions
in the lives of many clients and they can do the same for you.

My clients report feeling, sometimes for the first time in a
long time, supported, empowered and in control of their
own lives. They discover forgotten creativity and begin to
see doors opening where before they could only see barriers.
I aim to create the right balance between empathy and
accountability, meaning you will feel calmer, happier and
motivated to keep on track to achieve your dreams.

How’s Rise Up Coaching different?

Rise Up’s holistic approach to professional coaching is unique. Having had over ten years leadership experience in the corporate world, I understand the demands and pressures on professional women as well as how to really excell in this environment.

I also walk my own talk, so to speak. Having gone on my own coaching journey and taken the leap to follow my passions I understand how to help you overcome your fears and self limiting beliefs to get there too.

Your Session

Your session will be time for you to STOP and focus on you.
It is a gift that you give to yourself, it is the oppurtunity to
take control of your situatoin and strive to reach great

I promise to stand in integrity, be trustworthy, honest,
listen, be 100% present and offer you the best service
in my power.

Join me for a cup of warming tea and spend some time
on you.