Here is some feedback from our recent STRONGMAN training for STRONG WOMEN

“Sales isn’t about my company. It’s not as scary as it seems if you focus on asking questions rather than talking about your company or product. The training was very professional, open, honest, knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you so much, I am so excited to implement STRONGMAN into my daily sales process.” – Aerin L

“Using real life situations and working with everyone’s different circumstances made this training session very successful. My confidence will be higher and more consistent now due to having a process I can follow. Biggest learning was having a checklist of the process and actions moving forward for more productive meetings. Rise Up Coaching has the right amount of professionalism and a casual vibe.” – Lia P

“I was very impressed with Rise Up Coaching, the session was very informative and articulate, which is what I needed to move forward. Biggest learning was to simplify and ask key, direct questions, have a template and process to work with for all prospects so they don’t fall off my radar. Being in a group environment helped to share experiences, challenges and suggestions. This workshop has provided me with very useful tools to succeed.” – Kylie A