Many of us identify things we would like to change about our lives and ourselves. Sadly, many lack the knowledge and ability to turn these thoughts into a positive and easy to reach goals.

The first moment I met Jane, I knew exactly what she was going through.

As the owner of Rise Up Coaching, Jane was like many of the incredible women I meet every day. Women who are ambitious, courageous, energetic professional, who are doing their best to build a career, protect her financial future, find love and be true to her heart’s desires. However, I often see that there is something not quite right.

Jane was a very successful and accomplished women but every now and then, she  would  feel a general unease within herself. She would start losing sleep and stop dealing well with stress and it wasn’t long before she was taking it out on colleagues and even friends and family.

Soon she started to feel like everything she had worked towards was beginning to slip away, and that there was nothing  she could do to prevent it.

Does this sound like you?  Have you ever felt unsure, uneasy, unwell, angry, unhappy with your work, negative about your life and relationships but have never taken the time to figure out why?

Over just six coaching sessions with me at Rise Up Coaching, we were able to identify what was missing in her life, uncovered the main triggers of her stress and pinpoint the negative self talk that has been playing over and over in her mind.

Using tools such as tapping, identifying values, goal setting and changing her negative self talk, Jane was able to take a step back and create the SPACE she needed to review, reflect and then action some major life changes.

My own personal story was very similar to Jane’s. After 10 years in corporate, I started to feel exactly like Jane and ended up having a break down. It was then I decided it was time to challenge everything I’d  know, so I quit my high-paying and high-stress corporate job, donated my suits to charity and decided to follow my heart and started Rise Up Coaching. Read my story here.

My motto is “rise up and feel empowered, connected and authentic.” I love helping people realise that the best version of themselves and that everything they are seeking is seeking them.

There is absolutely no reason to continue living a life that is unsatisfying, or to continue being unhappy and believing your negative self talk. It’s time to honour YOU and do something to better your life.

Since our  sessions, Jane has incorporated more dance in her life, spends quality time with friends, her health is back on track, her self-care has taken priority. I just recently received this email from her: “A note to just let you know I quit my job – and feel like a different person now. I wanted to thank you for your assistance and support helping me action this!”

This was amazing to hear and so rewarding. Another amazing woman making serious changes to her life and who is on the way to being the best version of herself!

And you can have all this too. You can be happy. You can be true to yourself. You can gain more confidence. You can CHANGE.

If you know someone like Jane, share this blog with them, get them to call me so they too can change their life.