It’s the final countdown to the end of 2015 and looking back through the year I’ve worked with clients experiencing many of life’s challenges and I have also gone through my own personal hardships. But regardless what you have dealt with this year, the highs and lows, the challenges and obstacles, the opportunities and the wins, it is important to keep moving forward. This has been an ongoing theme in 2015.

When we are moving, flowing and changing we are able to deal and cope with everything the universe throws at us.
Becoming stuck, stagnant and giving up is a recipe for a downward spiral that is hard to climb out of.
In the universe the trees flow with the wind, the oceans move with tide, the sun rises and sets and the earth continuously moves. We can’t survive without moving.

1) There are five ways that I use to keep moving forward in life; Physical movement, get you and your body moving. Exercise, walk, dance, shake it out, sweat, exhaust yourself. When I meet clients for the first time, I always ask them “what do you do to get your energy out?” Feeling the blood flowing, the thoughts disappear and you can just be with your movement in the moment.

2) Moving can mean shifting your perspective. Realise that the thoughts moving around your head create the world you live in so move these thought patterns into something you want to be around. Write, speak, draw, paint, read do something that changes your perspective.

3) Moving habits that no longer serve you. Think about what you are eating and how you treat your body. How are you sleeping and is that supporting a restful night? I’ve shifted two massive habits this year, one was sleeping on my belly and the second was crossing my legs. Moving through these two habits is supporting so many different aspects of my life.

4) Moving forward to live the life you want, say yes to new challenges at work, take that job offer, follow a hobby that lights up your heart and moves you in the right direction. Courses and education are a great way to keep on moving forward.

5) Moving forward in your relationships, friends, partners and family. Your relationships need to evolve and change and need to be moving forward in order to bring out the best in each other. When we move forward in our relationships we go with the flow of people coming into our lives and people leaving, this creates space, growth and love in your relationships.

In 2016 it is important to start the year reflecting on ways you can move forward and make the year you want. A year you where you can learn, grow and develop through all aspects of your life