On the 21st of Sunday in 2016 we had 15 amazing individuals all come together to spend an afternoon connecting and focusing on their highest dreams for 2016 by creating a vision board.

We gathered at the amazing new health clinic in Liliydale, called JING. Co directors Dr Natasja Fox and Dr Thomas Connor are creating a magical health centre, specialising in holistic treatments including acupuncture, nutritional, dietary support and a wonderful yoga space. Be sure to check them out. I will be doing their 5 day reset program in May.


Firstly we connected and moved our body, through a guided by the beautiful Dr Natasja 4Fox with a perfect yoga practise to open up our hearts desire and give us courage to work on our vision boards.

After yoga, everyone spent some time completing some coaching exercises and then a Dr Thomas Connor took us through a guided meditation to clear our mind and connect on our spirit.




Once we were ready to start our boards, there was a huge selection of 6magazines to help create visions for 2016. Everyone used this time to  cut out words, images, dreams, aspiration which will help them “Release their dreams” for 2016.

No two boards were the same, everyone’s experience was different and the day was structured so you could just focused on YOU.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Lilydale, to share this great day and I hope you put your vision boards somewhere you can reflect, see, get inspired and change patterns every day.


“Natalie is such an inspiration as a business woman that knows how to balance her life with fun. She is the epitome of success and has positively changed my life and business since working with her for four years now. I highly recommend her services to any one who needs coaching with their work life balance, life direction or just business strategising, and do!”

“Natalie is an essential guide for young women and upcoming entrepreneurs who want to work from the hearts centre. She will help you to restore balance and personal power. The reason Natalie is so great is because she’s been there, she’s got real world insight and will guide you through with with grace.”