Like most people you’ve probably had ‘the’ resolutions conversation as the new year kicked in and said something typical for example, quit smoking, drink less, lose weight, join the gym and pay off debts. The new year is definitely a good time to set positive intentions for the year ahead but the problem with resolutions is that they end up just being statements and often get ignored by mid-January.

Personally I find the notion of setting resolutions short sighted and non-committal, preferring to realise my vision by setting goals. My belief is that it’s better to take some time to reflect on the past year’s experiences to learn what I can improve and grow from.

So this year I jumped in first and asked people what their goals, dreams and visions were for 2016. And I was pleased with the life affirming answers I received such as, one of my client’s goal is to enrol in a naturopathy course and change her perspective on her current work situation. Another client’s goals are to focus on her health and wellbeing, grow her small business and finish some renovations in her new home.

When we change our perspective from resolutions to goals we can set ourselves up for success by breaking down the goal in to achievable milestones. Goals can be planned, measured and tracked. When I set goals for the new year, I always write them down and then spend the first few weeks putting together a vision board.
Vision boards are a great way to connect with your goals for the year, it helps you realise what you want your year to look like, and how you want to feel. It helps brings your goals to life and reminds you every day of your what you’re aiming for.

To create your own board is easy, get magazines, scissors, glue, cardboard and notepaper. Write down your goals, think about words, pictures, images and inspiration to help achieve your goal/s.

Now spend some time going through the magazines cutting out things you say YES to, like the look of or feels good. Don’t judge, don’t limit yourself, don’t hold back. Anything you see that you feel a YES to, cut it out and glue on your cardboard, this starts to create your vision.

Once you’ve completed your vision board you will feel inspired, now is the time to write a plan to help you achieve your goals and vision. Your plan can be bullet points, it can be a list of actions, but most important is to include some timings in your plan.

Have fun and connect with YOU through this exercise. Use music, candles, a nice cup of tea and create a relaxing, nurturing environment to allow yourself to express what you need.

If you want some help with this activity, check out my up and coming workshop “Release your Dreams”. Incorporating yoga, meditation, wheel of life and vision boards. Hope to see you there.