Find out what some of our clients have thought?

“Once I saw Natalie for my first coaching meeting, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. Speaking to someone who is not only knowledgeable in the inner world of business and marketing, but someone who really cares about you and the direction you want  your life to go in. Nat asks the right questions at the right time, allowing you to really consider your decision making and how this impacts your life. I would  highly recommend her to anyone running a business, and I do!” Lighter Living Healthcare, Tasja F

“Over the past 3 years, Nat has been instrumental in helping me increase my enjoyment and effectiveness at work, and also in my personal life.  She has helped me appreciate both my skills and flaws, and taught me how to manage them.
Working with Nat is not about her telling you what to do or why, but getting you to a place where you understand why. You are who you are, but Nat gives you the tools to deal with certain difficult situations that we face, in a much more productive manner.I would recommend sessions with Nat to anyone and everyone, who is interested in improving their effectiveness, happiness and/or relationships –  professional, social and self.” Lia P

“I first met Natalie during my employment in a junior accounts role.  Natalie was a successful member of the senior sales team, who managed to be both approachable and well respected.  When developing my own career within sales, several years later, she was the obvious choice for coaching.
Since that time, I have developed an appreciation for strategy and priorities within the sales cycle, and most importantly, I have developed the confidence to follow through.
Natalie’s holistic view of personal and career development truly sets her apart, and recognises that everyday pressures do impact our professional lives and warrant the same attention and management.
My experience with Natalie has provided a more structured way of thinking, reducing unnecessary stress, and has enabled me to confidently take on new and more exciting challenges.” Jenna M

“I was coached by Natalie through the STRONGMAN methodology.  Natalie was articulate in this training, patient and her confidence and enthusiasm rubbed off on me as I left the session with the knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed in sales.  Through teaching, coaching and role playing, we talking about the fears I had in cold calling and how to present myself in a professional way to get my message across.  I felt that I had the tools to present my product in a way that was totally beneficial to the client, rather than just ‘selling’ for the sake of it.  This belief totally turned my approach around and my results.” Grace Interior DesignsPatricia K

“Rise Up Coaching provided real advice and the level of reassurance you provided allowed me to make the right decision for myself and allowed me to feel safe in doing so.” Marika K

 “Natalie gave us highly valuable sales advice at a pivotal point in our business growth. The strategies she recommended have been critical to improving our sales techniques and have been getting results. She is passionate, energetic, knowledgeable and perceptive. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” Town Hall Social, Keren F