Fresh from University I joined a software company, it was an intense selling environment, here I was introduced to the term ‘work hard, play hard.’ Work hard meant making the most of every working minute. I was either on the phone to a prospective client or out on site. Being a second late to meetings meant you were locked out, no excuses.

Everything was measured and assessed, time on the phone, calls made, meetings, who you meet, how much you sold.
When we were successful we could “play hard”, this meant that as company, team and office we would share our wins, celebrate our victories, through company days with awards at fancy venues, exclusive clubs, travelling to exotic locations, team building activities and a whole lot of fun.

We were paid well to work hard, and they gave us the ability to play hard.

However, one thing was missing from this formula – ‘rest hard.’

Since starting my own business, I work hard, play hard and most importantly I rest hard. I’ve taken all the great things I’ve learnt over my career to date and incorporated them into my own business. I have targets, reviews, always looking for new opportunities, collaborations to grow my business.

I also make time to play hard, which includes, catching up with friends, long lunches, exercise, coffees, and dancing.
To balance this out, I take the time I need to recuperate, and find the balance I need in my life, so I also rest hard. I work with many clients on finding the right balance, so here my top 7 tips to rest hard;

1> Get comfortable with saying NO. When you’re feeling like you need to rest, don’t feel bad to let someone down, lose money on tickets or cancel something you’ve organised. Just say NO.

2> Introduce meditation into your routine, there are many benefits of meditation and I’d suggest playing around with breathing exercises or downloading an app to help, Buddify, Headspace or Deepak Chopra are the ones I use and love. heart_of_love_201813

3> Spend time with animals, visit friends with dogs or cats and really engage with them. Time focusing and being in their energy helps you become present and feel so calm afterwards.

4> One of my clients told me that she just wants to sit on her couch, eat pizza and watch Netflix. If you feel like this, honour it and do it without the guilt.

5> Spend time on a hobby or creative pursuit. At the moment, I’ve invested in a puzzle, to complete over summer. It’s time for me, I love it. My partner recently built a model car which he loved. Adult colouring books are all the rage now too. Find something for you and give it a go.

6> Get in the kitchen and start cooking delicious, nourishing food. This activity really brings you back to looking after you. For me coming from European heritage food is important for connection, love and care. You deserve good food made with love, so get cooking.

7> Change your bed time routine, make your bedroom a place to relax, have your phone off wifi or internet and just use it as your alarm. Read a book before bed, complete some stretches and really slow down an hour before bed. This will hopefully ensure a restful sleep.

Every six months, I invest in a course, yoga retreat or information workshop. I find this makes me check in with myself and ensures I’m practicing the right balance, working hard, playing hard and resting hard.
I have already booked my first yoga retreat for next April, in Bali. A little getaway, just for ME. Time to refocus, recuperate and re-energise. If you are interested in something like this check out “Pioneering Yoga & Health”.